Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Today there has been tremendous progress made in the field of science and technology, but where are we progressing? Everyone is trying vehemently to be in the lead in the race for excellence, but where is that everyone is running? Questions to which any ordinary person would say "We are definitely moving towards a bright future", but "we" are no ordinary people.

A little introspection would reveal that we are positively moving towards a bleaker future. Our social system is disintegrating by the day, people have started caging themselves in search of success. Firms employ cut-throat strategies to virtually kill the competitors. The "end" has superceded the "means", which is why the "progress" is being questioned seriously. The gregarious animal is surely but slowly transforming, rather denigrating to an egregious animal.

We are definitely paying the price of nature in this "race". The social responsibility in us is moving southwards rapidly. Fifty years from now if we trudge along the same path in the same fashion, water would be useful to only lower forms of our biological system. And probably we would have permanent oxygen appendages to our body.

But who can be held responsible for this large-scale felony? Everyone will point their fingers to society, there lies the glitch. They fail to accept that they part of this malignant system, accelerating at a great speed towards the "end".

Ordinary people will travel in this path and perish eventually, but as I said earlier. "we" are not ordinary people.